商業書信英語 第二單元

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[00:00.00]When a businessman intends to import ,he makes inquires.
[00:04.65]An inquiry is sent or received to seek a supply of products,service information.
[00:10.87]In order to obtain the needed information ,the inquirer should state simply,clearly and conciselly what he wants ageneral information,a catalogue or price list ,a sample,a quotation,etc.
[00:27.04]Inquiries should be specific and provide the necessary detail to enable the recriver to answer the questions completely.
[00:36.28]Inquiries meand potential business.
[00:39.16]so the reply to an inquiry should prompt and courteous ann cover all the information asked for.
[00:47.33]No mater whether the inquiry is from a regular customer or a new one.
[00:51.49]You should expree how much you appreciate it and expect a lasting and friendly business relationship.
[00:59.53]Useful Expressions about inquiry and Reply
[01:03.69]Opening Sentence
[01:05.49]With many thanks for your inquiry of may 5,1987,we are very glad to send you separately the samples of man-made leather bags together with the price-list.
[01:18.68]Would you please quote us the price of a gross of your 71*84 reversible wool blanket,15% wool and 85% cotton,bound with rayon satin?
[01:33.86]In reply to your letter of April 2,we are sending you our latest catalog and the price list.
[01:40.91]As requested ,we send you a  list of articles required with our prices added.
[01:46.63]Regarding your telegram of July 7,we find it impossible to accept the conditions you set down.
[01:53.14]In accordance with/According to your request of July 5,we are pleased to hand you our varied samples of plastic toys with the lates price-list.
[02:06.54]Will you please send me a copy of your illustrated catalogue of TV sets,together with copyes of any descriptive pamphlets that I could pass to prospective customers?
[02:19.21]I was very pleased to receive your request of 19 November for waterproof coats on approval.
[02:27.85]I have pleasure in enclosing the catalogue of word procesors which you requested in your leter of 4 May.
[02:36.45]It is reported that the new regulations concerning import and export will be put into operation at your end as of 6 July,1998,and the imoport and export tariffs will be revised as well.
[02:51.70]I take the liberty of introducing to you my firm as an export merchant.
[02:56.61]Middle Part
[02:58.34]The articles we require should be durable.
[03:01.50]We have sent the samples to you by air,specially selected for the puepose you mentioned ,but regret we have no patteern-card we can send you.
[03:13.65]If you can assure us of workable prices,excellent quality and prompt delivery,we shall be able to deal in these goods on a substantial scale.
[03:25.84]We would like to attention your shoerooms to see a demonstration and decided which machine would be best for office use.
[03:35.01]Closing Sentence
[03:37.21]We need a samople of a copy machine suitable for copying color picturres and printed messages.
[03:44.42]We have both these models in stock and should be glad to show them to you if you would care to call at our showroom.
[03:52.57]We hope that you will let us have your order before further rises in cost make price increases unavoidable.
[04:00.67]We hope this will be a good start for profitable business relations and assure you that your offer will certainly receive our careful consideration.
[04:10.85]Since our stocks have been rather low for the past few months and the demands are very brisk right now,we urge you to make a decision as early as possible.
[04:22.97]It would be helpful if you could send us samples showing your range of carpets,together with a pattern-card of the design.
[04:31.80]Appreciation of Selected Business Letters
[04:35.93]Words and Expressions:
[04:40.45]conconut baby oil
[04:44.58]linoleum products
[04:47.79]ceramic item
[04:57.95]cotton raw/waste
[05:03.23]fire fighting wquipment
[05:05.37]mutual benefit
[05:07.36]Dear Sirs
[05:08.92]Sub;Business Co-operation
[05:12.42]We have been advised by our Embassy in Beijing that you are a major Import and Export Corporation in China.
[05:21.10]For your infirmation,we are a registered Merchant Exporters/Importers based here in Bombay,India.
[05:28.67]We are also providing services to various somestic trading and marketing establishments in our capacity as representatives.
[05:38.44]We also import a varlety of items for answering the requirements of our clientele in India.
[05:45.60]Our export lists include,rice,coconut baby oil,textiles & make-ups,T shirts,leather goods,dyes & intermediaries,handircraft items(wooden,metal and leather).
[06:01.74]plastic& linoleum products,carpets(both hand and mill made),glass.glassware,ceramic items,marble and granit,cosmetics & toietrie
[06:15.43](including spray,dried,detergent,powder),paints,enamels/varnishes,cotton raw/waste ,castor oil,mica,fire fighting equipment & accessories,greeting cards,etc.
[06:35.70]Now we come to you to explore the possibility of cooperation between ourselves and your esteemed corporation as far as the items we are handing are concerned.
[06:48.87]So as to enable us to proceed further in this direction.
[06:52.53]we should be grateful if you could kindly let us have a detailed list of the items you're exporting.importing together with the catalogues and other technical date of the produsts concerned.
[07:06.21]we hope,we will be able to build a fruitful cooperation to our mutual benefit.
[07:11.02]Looking forward to hearing from you with these details soon,we remain,
[07:15.02]Yours faithfully.
[07:17.16]Dear Mrs.Rawson.
[07:19.04]Further to your inquiry,I have pleasure in enclosing details of our latest fax machines.
[07:25.28]All the models illustarted can be supplied from stock at competitive prices,shown on the price list inside the catalogue.
[07:34.19]May I suggest a visit to our showrooms?
[07:36.93]It would then be possible to demonstrate the various machines and at the same time show you our wide range of office equipment.
[07:45.11]Yours scicerely.

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