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    2020-03-10 ٙĿ:иZ


  • иZģŗһF

    2020-02-28 ٙĿ:иZ

    }ĿYou are the members of two clubs in your school, but you have to quit one because this semester you have a lot of schoolwork to do. Which one do you prefer to quit? And

  • иZģ^WУ_OЩn

    2020-02-28 ٙĿ:иZ

    }ĿThe community school is going to start new courses on weekends for students to study. Which of the following courses would you like to choose?--courses on how to de

  • иZģLǷҪͺӽQy

    2020-02-28 ٙĿ:иZ

    }ĿSome parents prefer to help their kids to solve the problems and troubles they meet, while some parents prefer to let their children deal with difficulties by themselve

  • иZģΎёcףɹ

    2020-02-28 ٙĿ:иZ

    }ĿOne of your good friends has just gotten one achievement he is longing for, and he is about to celebrate it. From your perspective, as his good friend, how would you he

  • иZģSWʹӋ

    2020-02-28 ٙĿ:иZ

    }ĿDo you agree or disagree with the statement that young students should be allowed to use calculators when they are taking a math test?Sample ResponseI think tha

  • иZģWУУѾʲô

    2020-02-27 ٙĿ:иZ

    }ĿYour school has received donations from the alumni. Which of the following facilities do you think the school should invest in?--A stadium--A theater--A gam

  • иZģ˱

    2020-02-27 ٙĿ:иZ

    }ĿDo you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is easier to be an adult than to be a child.Sample ResponseI think that it is easier to be an adult th

  • иZģΎһ˽У@

    2020-02-27 ٙĿ:иZ

    }ĿWhich of the following methods do you think can help freshman students learn about their campus?--Arrange a partner from sophomore students--Organize a campus t

  • иZģؽܲL߀ԒL

    2020-02-27 ٙĿ:иZ

    }ĿA company plans to interview you. You can go to their company for the interview, but the company is far from where you live. Or you can have a telephone interview. Whic

  • иZģⷿӕrҪ

    2020-02-27 ٙĿ:иZ

    }ĿWhen going to college, which do you think is the most important factor to consider when looking for an apartment?--Friendliness of roommates--Near stores and re

  • иZģX

    2020-02-26 ٙĿ:иZ

    }ĿTo teach old people to use the computer in the community, which do you think is better? To find a professional to teach them outside, or to find a student to teach them

  • иZģһ_˾

    2020-02-26 ٙĿ:иZ

    }ĿIf you run a small business with your friends, what do you want to do?Sample ResponseI would like to start a business making and selling handmade accessories.

  • иZģϴM

    2020-02-26 ٙĿ:иZ

    }ĿSome supermarkets start to charge for the use of plastic shopping bags. Talk about the advantage and disadvantage of this.Sample ResponseThere are advantages an

  • иZģУ@ŌWҕĿ

    2020-02-26 ٙĿ:иZ

    }ĿThe school is going to play some student-produced TV shows. Which would you like to watch the most? Choose one and explain why.1)Interviews with student leaders and

  • иZģУ@dȤĻ

    2020-02-26 ٙĿ:иZ

    }ĿWhich of the following volunteering activities inside the campus is the one you are most interested in?--planting flowers--picking garbage and plastic in the ca

  • иZп۷ֆ

    2020-02-12 ٙĿ:иZ

    иZп۷ֆ?иԇĿZyԇhWһFչʾԼZܵĺܺõęCȻһЩWܕԼĿеnҲԇм Ŀ

  • иZģ壺ȥُ

    2020-01-07 ٙĿ:иZ

    иZ}ĿMany people choose to go to specific shops to buy specific products, such as only buying bread in bakery, only purchasing vegetables in vegetable market; while so

  • иZģ壺nvsyn

    2020-01-06 ٙĿ:иZ


  • иZô

    2019-12-06 ٙĿ:иZ


  • иZģ壺ðU¸߀޴

    2019-11-29 ٙĿ:иZ

    иZҪô?@иZ}ĿSome people think that risk-taking actions such as rock-climbing and skydiving requires a lot of bravery, while others th

  • иZlƽ񱳾܉ɞI

    2019-11-18 ٙĿ:иZ

    иZ}Ŀ Do you agree or disagree that people from ordinary background will become better government leader?Sample answerWell, actually, I totally agree tha

  • иZlԓrg„

    2019-11-18 ٙĿ:иZ

    иZ}ĿDo you agree or disagree that people should spend some time on reading news about other countries? Sample answerWell, quite honestly, I totally agre

  • 2019иZȫ꿂Y}٬F}

    2019-11-12 ٙĿ:иZ

    ٌWڿǰZֶ^]ԒvM˾ly o……ÿĹٷи֔ҲC˿ēnǺеÿһиԇ fxе

  • иZģ壺΄߀ǰָʾ

    2019-11-05 ٙĿ:иZ

    иZҪô?FиZ}uuҲ~У@ԽԽcš܉@}ĿЃɷNģʽ[ǰSome people like to have independence to do tasks and

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